Years of Professional Experience in the Bike Industry ... Skillful Bike Maintenance ... Proficient Bicycle Fitting ... "One on One" Personal Service for Everyone! How is that possible? Is it Magic? ... No! ... We offer free pick-up of your bike and deliver it back to you ... all clean and riding right! Bike Fitting is done in the comfort of your own home.
Bikes from Look & Lynskey are available to give you a perfect Fit.
We offer a wide range of components to upgrade or repair your bike ... from wheels to Custom Fit Shimano Shoes.

Indoor Cycle Trainers from Tacx & Cycle-ops ... free in-home set-up at no charge.

Now taking Visa, Master Card, Direct Debit, Check or even Cash as payment!

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Who IS servicing your bike? How many Years (or is it months) of experience do they have? Make sure your Bike Mechanic KNOWS what he (or She) is doing ... remember, you should have your bike safe and "be all it can be".

All work ... from "Rick's Superior Tune" to "Rick's Extreme Overhaul" comes with FREE Pick-up & Delivery.

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Rick Fit

Bike fitting is Much more than adjusting the saddle, checking alignment with a plumb-bob and adjusting the handlebars. So what is it ...

It's a 2 to 3 hour process where we discuss your riding style, pain and injury issues, flexibility ... then take your personal body measurements and flexibility .. Your bike is then set-up properly for YOU!

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Rick's Bikes carries two bike lines ...

Look High Modulas Carbon bikes designed for performance and comfort ... Road bikes from $2799 ... Tri Bikes from $3699.
Solid components ... includes a full Rick-Fit bike fitting at no charge

Lynskey frames and complete bikes. All Lynskey bikes are Hand Made Titanium made in their Tennessee factory. Every Bike and Frame includes a full Rick-Fit bike fitting at no charge.


Rick's Bikes Guarantees your complete satisfaction with any Lynskey Bike Purchase ... from the perfect final fit to the ride characteristics. Contact at me for a ride on one of my Demo bikes

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Updated on December 11, 2013