Custom Shoes
Shimano Custom-Fit cycling shoes … for road, triathlon, commuting and all-terrain. The new anatomical last, revolutionary carbon fibre soles and textile materials technology, off-set ratchet security straps and the unprecedented heat-molded and vacuum process make Shimano’s Custom-Fit cycling shoes an amazing blend of efficiency and comfort.
Includes an In-Home visit to fully analyze your foot and Custom-Fit the right size shoe to you ...
Free leg alignment with varus correction & cleat positioning ... further increasing efficiency & comfort, while reducing pain & potential injury ...
a $99 value.

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  • Shimano Custom-Fit Technology: A perfect fit for every foot … using heat & vacuum moldable materials. Heel-Cup Technology to reduce movement and stabilize foot.
  • Stretch-resistant synthetic leather, multiple layers of engineered foam padding for shape retention and comfort, mesh woven textiles for strength and breathability. Advanced materials insure the shape, weight & durability throughout the life of the shoe.
  • Shimano introduced the first carbon-fibre
  • The anatomical last is conforms to the natural contour of your foot.
  • New nanotechnology carbon fibre and integrated heel cup design adds strength and rigidity while  reducing weight.
  • Shimano Toe Cap with dual-compound construction eliminates pressure on the periphery of the toe area, while strengthening the area at the tip.
  • Adjustable off-set straps and buckles to stabilize foot and reduce pressure points. Shimano also manufactures its own buckles … Featuring an aluminium base, whereas most manufacturers use plastic.
  • Shimano manufactures its own cycling shoes for over twenty years.